The EPA is making $400 million available through a grants program this year for projects replacing diesel school buses with electric school buses. Eligible applicants include;

  1. state and local governmental entities that provide bus service (such as school districts);
  2. public charter school districts;
  3. Indian Tribes, Tribal Organizations, or Tribally-controlled schools
  4. Nonprofit School Transportation Associations; and
  5. Eligible Contractors (including OEMs, dealers, school bus service providers, and private bus fleets).

The EPA will provide a combined funding amount (up to $395,000 for priority school districts) to cover both bus and infrastructure costs for all awardees requesting electric school buses. The grants program will continue to prioritize funding for school districts with 20% or more students living in poverty, as well as districts that are rural or Tribal.
The grant program will be a thorough and competitive process.
The EPA has released specific criteria that all applicants must meet and will score and select applicants based on additional evidence and forms provided. Applicants will need to submit materials that highlight their programmatic capability, such as a utility partnership plan, a proposed budget, plans to meet environmental goals and plans, and the ability to leverage other sources of private or local funding. 
Funding can be used for a wider variety of expenses in comparison to the rebate program, and projects can also have a longer length. Applications are open from April 28, 2023, and will close on August 22, 2023. Read on for more resources on this funding opportunity for #CleanRide4Kids!



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