Our Principles

Our coalition is guided by principles of racial, economic, and social justice. These principles are:

Promote a rapid transition to pollution-free, electric transportation for all students who ride in school buses.

Ensure that communities of color and low-income communities that bear the greatest burden of pollution are the first to benefit from electric school bus technology.

Ensure communities of color and low income communities, represented by parents, kids, faith organizations, health groups, and other grassroots organizations, are part of the decision making process to deploy this new technology and play an active role in advancing the transition to electric models.

Promote good union jobs that provide career opportunities for low-income communities and communities of color.

Ensure that school bus workers have the training and support they need to thrive in an electrified student transportation system.

Ensure a just transition for workers in the school bus manufacturing sector and supply chain.

Promote social and environmental responsibility in school bus manufacturing and supply chain.

Encourage the use of renewable energy sources through the deployment of electric school buses.

Promote the development and use of grid integration technologies, small-scale renewable generation, and micro-grids, to support clean charging for electric school buses.

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